I like Leprechaun Days because ... 


The Rosemount Leprechaun Days Committtee recently asked several people around Rosemount to complete the thought: "I like Leprechaun Days because ..." 


We hope this exercise will get you thinking about why you like Leprechaun Days and contribute your message to the conversation. 


Leprechaun Days is an important part of the fabric of Rosemount. More than three-quarters of Rosemount residents say they participate in Leprechaun Days in some way. What greater reason for others to participate, get involved by volunteering or give a financial contribution to make the festival the best it can be. 


To contribute your message, submit it via FacebookTwitter or email tadjohnson7@gmail.com. 

"St. Joseph's has organized the Tailgate Party to be part of Leprechaun Days because it is all about interaction and engagement with the Rosemount community. This community-wide event is a great way for St. Joe's to make a good impression on the community. Any and every one can join us to share in the festivities."

– Bridget Samson

St. Joseph Catholic Church

"I like Rosemount Leprechaun Days because of the way it brings neighbors and all our community together. There's music for all tastes, and we can visit exhibits from Rosemount's growing arts scene. Children can stay busy with events intended for them almost every one of the ten days. We can cheer our friends marching in the parade and watch a dazzling fireworks display without going far from home. And I really appreciate that it's all organized by our local volunteers, another way that our citizens create the great quality of life that makes Rosemount a top destination during Leprechaun Days – and every other day, too."


– Mayor William H. Droste